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What goes into our Reporting process

A cold and fresh day for this Survey Inspection - we are providing our "Essentials" Building Survey Report on this one. Some interesting features that our client needed to be aware of, inspected & reported. Have you ever wondered what processes our Survey Reports go through?


> Administration of checking what the client will need in their report

> Booking Access Arrangements with the agent or vendor and confirmation back to the client.

During the Visit

> Initial walk around the building, this is an important step to getting a 'feel'. Assessing the age, style what obvious limitations there are, how we can overcome them.

> A detailed look at each element, one at a time. Some surveyors prefer a bottom-up approach, others top-down. Foundations/base of wall + external walls + internal walls + roofs + chimneys rainwater fittings + ground floors + upper floors + ceilings etc etc. Dampness, cracking and distortion is in mind at every stage.

> Detailed dictation of notes and hand notes & sketches, in the order that we've looked at the elements.

> Final review walk-around & relevant photographs (if needed), ensuring in the surveyor's mind that they have all the pieces 'joined-up' with explanations.

Back at the Office

> Survey notes typed-up

> First draft with construction facts & figures, typed-up

> Second draft with surveyors comments and advice, typed-up

> First proof reading, returned to surveyor for acceptance

> Surveyor's review, conclusions & recommendations

> Second proof reading, returned to surveyor for acceptance

> Final proof reading by surveyor.

Now it is ready for Sending to the Client. We ask for up-to 7 working days for preparing reports, there's a reason, as you can see! We are never inspecting more than one property per day and we are definitely not inspecting 5 properties per week. We're not the type of surveyors who 'churn-out' multiple reports day-after-day. Some do, but you can rest assured that your Essentials Building Survey report from PBSC is getting the best attention.


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