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We hope that you enjoy our blog, it's aim is to be useful and informative, with bits of fun from time-to-time.  Not least, we will also be 'showcasing' the type of work that we do and the projects we get involved in, this way you can see if what we offer is what you are looking for.


So, when reading all Blog posts, please always REMEMBER that nothing in here is intended to be given as Professional Advice for you specifically, and nothing is intended to be contractually binding - in fact the opposite, we can cover far more scenarios by being very generic with the information, covering only very simple or typical scenarios.   As we can only cover some examples, what applies to one situation won't necessarily apply in another, and importantly what might be correct on the day of posting might change immediately after.  If you need specific advice relating to your property, then do use the Contact page to get in touch and we can then provide the Professional Advice you need.   Thanks for reading.

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