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Living & Working alongside Covid-19 :

February 2022 Update

We believe a no.1 priority is the health & wellness of our clients, the people we visit, and our own team.

If we are not all fit & healthy, then nothing we do will be up to the high & exacting standards that we aim to achieve.

We are following all the minimum National Guidance about Covid-19 plus Additional Measures taken when & where needed. If our Clients, or the occupants of buildings we are visiting, have additional measures that they want us to take then we happily will.

We can all better focus on the task at hand if we all feel safe & comfortable with the arrangements in place.
Surveyor Visit Fist Bumps - Surveying safely

What are the minimum standards we are offering whilst Surveying:-

Before our Visit

  • At our office, we have all chosen to be vaccinated against Covid-19, we will take boosters when offered to the individual by the NHS.

  • If the Surveyor has symptoms of Covid-19 they will take a Lateral Flow Test [LFT] to confirm that they are negative before attending (if they cannot take an LFT, they will re-arrange appointments).

  • The Surveyor will not visit if they have a positive Covid-19 LFT result (or other contagious illness) - they will voluntarily self-isolate.

  • We will rearrange appointments free of charge, with no additional costs or penalty imposed on anyone, if the Surveyor is self-isolating.

During the Visit

  • The Surveyor will maintain social distancing and minimise hand-to-hand contact.

  • We recognise some people need 'contact' on greetings (the 'good-old handshake'), so we're happy to do 'fist bumping'.

  • The Surveyor may open some windows and doors.

  • In very crowded spaces, or spaces that cannot be well ventilated, the Surveyor will wear a mask.

  • The Surveyor will always wear a mask if asked to do so.

  • The Surveyor will keep on top of good hygiene, with routine and regular use of hand-gels and hot-water hand-washing.

  • The Surveyor may offer or request to hold meetings & discussions outside (of course dependent on weather and circumstances).

What we ask of Clients and the people we meet

  • If anyone in the place we are visiting has Covid-19 (or other contagious illness) that they let us know and we can re-arrange the visit.

  • If anyone in the place we are visiting has symptoms of Covid-19 then please confirm they are negative with a Lateral Flow Test [LFT] or ask us to rearrange the visit if taking an LFT is not possible.

  • Please ventilate the building before the Surveyor arrives and leave windows and doors open where possible if not a security risk.

  • Please maintain social distancing and minimise hand-to-hand contact, if you need contact on greetings, please practice the 'fist bump'.

  • Copy what the Surveyor does, if they wear a mask please do too.

  • Respect the measures being taken and any preventative steps those involved are taking.


Nobody knows what worries others have: any one of us could have underlying health conditions that would be made worse with Covid, they may live with people at risk, or have important plans that would be ruined by catching Covid-19.


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