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What do you get with...

Initial Boundary Appraisals from PBSC

+ a quoted fee, with no hidden costs

+ easy access to our bookings calendar

+ availability possible in under 3 weeks*

+ confidential discussions between us

+ a visit from an expert Surveyor with over 20 years experience

+ a relaxed meeting format, with reassurance

+ the relevant surveying aspects explained to help you proceed

+ an unbiased written report with the Surveyor’s opinion

(*based on last 5 year average attendance)

Ideally an initial boundary appraisal will focus a swift conclusion on the matter but if the parties still cannot agree, here are some Other Stages that we can offer:

- review of further information provided

- producing Land Registry Plans

- meeting of Experts

- Expert reports with CPR compliance

- Mediation meeting attendance

- Attendance at review meetings

- Expert Witness Court attendance


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