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What we've been doing this week.

Covering many of the bases of the professional work that we do: we've been finalising & serving Party Wall Awards; negotiating other Awards; serving Notice under the Party Wall etc Act 1996 (section 1, 2/3 and 6); inspecting a house for defective building works; completing reports on boundary appraisals; inspecting a house for our 'Essentials Building Survey' for a purchaser; issuing a defects appraisal report for a chimney. We've also been producing plans for 'first time registration' of a property with HM Land Registry, which included a few challenging technicalities. Mostly we've been local in Hazlemere, but also Terriers & Downley (High Wycombe) and Marlow, and some properties as far out as Windsor, Guildford and Oving.

A great, really enjoyable, week here for us.


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