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Essentials Building Survey

When we started looking at the Building Surveys being offered to homebuyers, it seem very clear that much of the time being spent was being 'wasted' reporting on matters that the buyers really did not need to know.

Times have changed very quickly and the Full Building Survey was not keeping pace with what our Clients were wanting. The vast amount of information available to buyers, from simple internet searches, immediatley negates the need for the Surveyor to be reporting on the locality and matters beyond the gardens.

What about the time spent reporting on the garden, fencing, bathrooms, kitchens. Does every client need this information? Clearly not. Often the bathroom or kitchen will be the first thing to go, Clients just didn't want to be reading about the parts that they know will be stripped out.

Welcome then to our "Essentials Building Survey" with a host of "add-ons" that you can choose.

Of course there are fundamental parts of a Building that every purchaser should want to know about:

Stability (including cracking) Water Ingress Dampness, Condensation, Decay & Infestation.

So for these, we ALWAYS report on (where present)

foundations; main external walls; internal walls; roofs & roof spaces; rainwater fittings; chimneys; ground floors, upper floors; ceilings; overview of external windows & doors;

ventilation & thermal insulation.

Then we can offer these "add-ons" at the Client's choice

Internals (fixtures & fittings)

Land & Gardens

Outbuildings Mains Connected Services.

These tailor each report to the requirements of the Buyer.

Whichever parts of the Building the Client wants us to report on, they can be assured that the level of information on those parts is going to be detailed, in-depth, comprehensive ... everything you would expect from an RICS Chartered Surveyor's "Level 3" Full Building Survey. Why not take at look at our website for more information and contact us today for your Survey Quotation.

Essentials Building Survey


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