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At PBSC we have developed a report format and service that can be adapted to meet a Client's particular needs.  Still maintaining all the Professional Standards as required of a Chartered Surveyor, we focus on the aspects that the Client wants to know about.

PBSC : Designing and Surveying since 2003

Every inspection and report will include our "Essentials" information

We can then also include the following additional
"Add-On" information:

  • Internals (fixtures & fittings)

  • Land & Gardens

  • Outbuildings

  • Mains Connected Services.


Needless to say, for most people a house purchase will be the biggest investment that they make, that's why it is so important to understand what you are buying and what to expect from the Building.

Our Building Survey inspection and report is intended to provide the home purchaser with comprehensive information about the property in a compact and intuitive report.

We have removed the complications of different 'levels' of survey advice.  All our advice is detailed and comprehensive... so the only thing you need to choose is which aspects of the Property you need us to inspect and report on.

You should receive the report within 7 working days after the inspection, sent by email (as a PDF file).  With most PDF readers you should be able to word search, jump to a particular section of interest from the contents page and highlight sections to read again.  What's more the Surveyor who undertook the Survey will be pleased to clarify any particular points that you may have after you have read the report.

Every inspection & report will include for the main house, including extensions:

  • Stability (including cracking)

  • Water Ingress

  • Dampness, Condensation, Decay & Infestation.

For this, we will report on (where present)

  • foundations;

  • main external walls;

  • internal walls;

  • roofs & roof spaces;

  • rainwater fittings;

  • chimneys;

  • ground floors, upper floors;

  • ceilings;

  • overview of external windows & doors;

  • ventilation & thermal insulation.​

Optional 'Add-On'


(fixtures & fittings)

  • Safety within the building

  • Means of escape

  • General presentation and condition of the fixtures & fittings.


For this, we will report on (where present)

  • staircases;

  • internal doors;

  • built-in and fitted cupboards;

  • general internal joinery; 

  • sanitary ware;

  • kitchens/utility rooms;

  • further detail on windows & doors.

Optional 'Add-On'


  • Safety around the building

  • Implications on access and boundaries

  • General presentation and condition of the features.


For this, we will report on (where present)

  • perimeter fences/walls/hedges;

  • drives, patios & paths;

  • other fixed 'hard-landscaping' features.

Optional 'Add-On'


  • Stability

  • Water ingress

  • Dampness, Condensation, Decay & Infestation.

For this, we will report on (where present)

  • the main external envelope.

Optional 'Add-On'


  • Visual assessment of age & condition

  • Visual evidence of alterations

  • Visual signs of leaks and/or blockages.

For this, we will report on (where present)

  • external drainage;

  • cold water supply;

  • electricity supply;

  • overview of lighting & power sockets;

  • gas supply;

  • overview of heating & hot water provision.