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The Planning Conundrum

We are often asked should you put in a Planning Application for more that you really want, expecting to get 'knocked-back' to what you really need; apply first for less than you really need and then re-apply for some more; or just design and apply for what you ultimately need/want.

Simply, there is no right or wrong answer. As proof, the last three Planning processes that we have completed have used each of those approaches, and all three resulted in Approvals that our Clients were really pleased with. Generally and most regularly, we would say design and apply for what you ultimately need/want, it can be much more expensive to be making multiple applications or design changes. However, just sometimes, there are some specific reasons for varying that (hence the approach that was taken on two of the recent Approvals). Not necessarily clear and obvious reasons, just indications.

Firstly, know the Local Planning Policy and know the Specific Property History, without that background it is an expensive guessing game.

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