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P&T - a new learned society

Did you know in 2022 the P&T became a new 'Learned Society'?

Let's rewind and start-off explaining what 'P&T' is!

  • The Pyramus & Thisbe Society (now)

  • The P&T Club [Pyramus & Thisbe] (then)

  • P&T (what most people say).

What ever it's called, the important thing is, it is an Organisation in which

Party Wall Surveyors learn and share; it educates about The Party Wall etc Act 1996 and how the law should be applied.

This is the 'official line'...

We are a true “Learned Society”, not a “trade organisation”. We are dedicated to improving the administration of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 through education and discussion. As such, we do not have formal complaint or disciplinary procedures but rather a Protocol to which we expect our members to adhere. If you have concerns about a member’s behaviour details of how to bring this to our attention are to be found here.

The organisation covers the whole of the country that is covered by the Legislation, but it is split-down into area of local branches, making the logistics of meeting much easier. Our local Branch is the Thames Valley Branch.

In 2022, and as the new learned society came into being, I offered my time to joining the Committee and became the Branch Secretary.

If you are a local surveyor interested in Party Wall matters then you can contact me and I can introduce you to the organisation. If you are a building owner or adjoining owner looking to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor then I'll be well placed to assist you, either myself being appointed as your Party Wall Surveyor, if I can, or offering names of other knowledgable local surveyors.

Mark Pearce: Branch Secretary, Thames Valley, The Pyramus & Thisbe Society


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