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On the lookout for good local builders & trades

A large part of the Professional Surveying work we undertake is looking at defects in Buildings, diagnosing the issues and recommending the repairs for homeowners. This means that sometimes as part of our investigations we need the attendance of a trade to open-up and make-good, and of course mostly the homeowner will be asking us about good trades who can put-right the defects we've advised on.

We've been doing this locally for the last 20 years, but over that time the number of good & reliable contacts we made in the trades has started to reduced : a mixture of retirement, moving away or moving on to different types of building work.

So we're on the lookout for some new contacts.

If you are, or know anyone who is a tradesperson, looking for occasional small works (great in-fillers for part-days or day-work) then please get in touch.

Shouldn't matter whether you are self-employed or a small business.

The right persons would...

  • be reliable & honest

  • understand construction

  • be skilled in their trade

  • hold valid insurance

  • be neat and tidy

  • respond promptly

  • be reasonably priced and willing to clearly set-out their charges

Generally we work on a recommendation or referral basis, that means that you will normally be employed by the homeowner, not us, and we do not want or need any payment or incentive or fee from you for the referral. Simply if you do a good job, you help our reputation, and so we refer more work to you.

The sort of work we most regular look at:-

  • Roof covering failures and water ingress around roof eaves

  • Dampness or defects around chimneys

  • Internal dampness and condensation issues

  • Timber decay, wood rot (dry rot & wet rot), beetle infestation ('woodworm')

  • Cracking to floors, walls and ceilings (suspected ground settlement, subsidence or heave)

  • General weathering and ageing of the building materials

  • Other builders' poor workmanship or material failures.

So if you are a general builder, handy[wo]man, plasterer, bricklayer, roofer, carpenter, painter, electrician, plumber, groundworker, specialist in lime mortars & renders, leadworker, stonemason.... we want to hear about you!


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