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What to Expect from us > A detailed Fee Quotation > A review of the designs/proposals  > Preparation of the Correct Notices > Serving the Notices on your behalf (where requested) > Advising you about replies

It's easy for you to get Notices wrong if you use incorrect templates downloaded of the internet.  The majority of the Notices we serve receive a Consent
- saving you £££ thousands.

PBSC : Surveying since 2003

Much misunderstood and, sadly, misused by many (some surveyors and owners alike), at PBSC we are striving to change the way the Party Wall etc Act 1996 is used by many.


We believe that the Act plays an important role in many construction projects, enabling Building Owners to carry out works with rights that they do not otherwise have, or might otherwise be cost prohibitive, and also providing Adjoining Owners with assurance that plans are properly thought through and unnecessary inconvenience avoided.

First and foremost the Party Wall etc Act 1996 is there to enable certain works and activities to be undertaken by Building Owners.  Its use is far-reaching, well beyond just "Party Walls".  Building new walls at or astride a boundary is facilitated by the Act; works to Party Walls and Party Structures can be simplified by the process; excavations near adjoining owners' buildings gain rights to underpin neighbouring properties, making deeper excavations possible.

However the Act is not one-side, whilst Building Owners acquire the rights to undertake certain works, measures must be put in place to protect, safeguard and where appropriate compensate Adjoining Owners.

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