Whether it's a new building or old, one you want to buy or one you own, our philosphy is clear: "inspect, appraise and advise, to the detail you need.”

PBSC : Designing and Surveying since 2003

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Whether we're surveying for a house purchaser or a home owner, or for a defect or a dispute, the core understanding of how buildings work is at the heart of the matter.  Building Surveying is about understanding the building, looking, assessing and expressing the findings in a clear and effective way.  We have carefully developed our reporting based on years of experience, each report can be tailored to the building we are reporting on.

The provision of this service follows a methodical and logical approach.  We aim to give you the correct, unbiased, guidance from the first enquiry; we then visit for the inspection, reflect on what we find and use our experience to develop opinions; which we provide in our written reports.  When needed, we're not more than a click or call away to discuss any matters further.

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