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Inevitably things can go wrong with buildings, whether it is a crack appearing, subsidence, heave, dampness, water ingress, a failing roof, at PBSC we can provide you with the assurance as to the significance or seriousness of the problem. 

PBSC : Designing and Surveying since 2003

Every defect report will be based on a thorough inspection and appraisal of the Building to check the possible causes.

We can normally report on all house defects that might occur but the main issues that concern homeowners tend to be

  • Roofing failures

  • Dampness

  • Water Ingress

  • Settlement of ground floor slabs

  • Timber decay
    (wet rot, dry rot and wood-boring beetle attack ("woodworm") 

  • Cracking to walls

  • Subsidence and Heave


First and foremost we have no vested interest in the outcome of of the defect that we are appraising, so you can be assured that the report you get from us will be our honest professional opinion as to the true cause.


One of the biggest fears that our clients tell us they have is that all too often tradesperson simply 'sell' the wrong solution because it means more work for them.

The main issues that we tend to get asked to look at are roofing failures, dampness, water ingress, settlement to floors, timber decay and cracking to walls, but as each building is different and different aspects concern homeowners to differing degrees, then we are happy to talk through any concerns about any element of the  Building.  We are always happy to have a a discussion about the concerns first, if it is not something that we can deal with then we can hopefully direct you for sound advice.

Our process will normally involve a visit to the property, and inspection and appraisal of the relevant parts and then a comprehensive report with our initial advice.

With the assurance of the report, it is then easier for the homeowner to get the defect rectified through the appropriate trade, or often, in the case of subsidence or heave, then an insurance claim.

If further assistance is needed from PBSC then we can offer this with specifications for remedial repair works or monitoring of cracking.

Roofing Failures

  • Pitched Roofs

  • Flat Roofs

  • Timber Structures

  • Coverings

Dampness & Water Ingress

Ground Floor Slab Settlement

Timber Decay

  • Wet Rot

  • Dry Rot

  • Wood-boring beetle (woodworm)


  • including ground subsidence and heave.